Leisure Uniform Supplier to Bannatyne Gyms

We have provided a range of services to Bannatyne for almost 13 years. Initially we sourced and supplied promotional items that were given to members as part of their starter packs and to increase brand awareness and recognition. They were impressed by the quality and variety of our products and also our focus on customer service.

When visiting their sites our account management team identified an opportunity that could enhance Bannatyne’s members’ experience while providing an additional revenue stream. We proposed retail displays in their health clubs that would stock Bannatyne branded fitness wear and accessories and would respond to their members’ distress purchase needs when they had forgotten items, while also generating opportunities for secondary spend for high quality, low cost items.

While this was a new business opportunity for Bannatyne, it was one in which they quickly saw the benefits to them and their members. Blu’s merchandising team worked with Bannatyne to design and produce tailored displays for each site that would pilot the retail initiative. They also provided training to Bannatyne’s staff in retail skills and marketing to ensure that they felt comfortable in their new roles and could optimise sales.

Blu’s CEO Jackie Worrell says:

“Bannatyne’s staff were excited by this new opportunity and were enthusiastic about the value it could bring to their clubs and their members.”

Following a very successful six-month trial the new retail set up was rolled out across all of their sites.

Bannatyne’s operations director Anthony Elliott says:

“Our health clubs’ retail operations are an increasingly significant part of the business and the support we get from Blu ensures that they are both simple to run and successful.”

Blu has also supplied Bannatyne with staff uniforms for more than 10 years and provides a range of items for fitness, front of house, spa, café, bar and hotel staff. Inevitably throughout this time changes have been made to styling and design detailing, however Bannatyne continues to choose Blu for a number of reasons.

Anthony Elliott says:

“Blu’s global sourcing expertise means that all of the uniform they supply is high quality while also being very keenly priced. Their sophisticated stock management system means that they proactively get in contact to alert us to the need to place orders, ensuring that we always have the right items in the right place at the right time.”

A large part of Bannatyne’s business is its 41 spas and last year they sold more than 250,000 spa days. Blu has been designing and supplying Bannatyne with branded spa bags and flipflops for around 8 years.

Karen Wilkinson, Bannatyne’s group spa director says:

“Providing our spa day clients with high quality products is vital to their positive experience. Much of the business in this area is repeat or is gained through recommendation so having a first class supplier is essential.”

Blu’s superlative products and service are recognised throughout Bannatyne to the highest level. Justin Musgrove, CEO of Bannatyne says:

“Blu Leisure has been an important supplier to Bannatyne for many years. They always supply great products at attractive prices backed by exemplary service support. I highly recommend them.”