Blu Leisure is celebrating a 5-year milestone in its ongoing partnership with Macdonald Hotels.

Blu Leisure has partnered with Macdonald Hotels since 2019 as the brand’s sole provider of leisure retail apparel and accessories. Blu Leisure stocks all 21 of the brand’s health, fitness and spa clubs, working with each individual venue to ensure optimal display and to tailor the collection to the specific needs of each unique setting.

“Blu Leisure is our perfect retail partner”, says Dave Heap, Leisure and Spa Director, Macdonald Hotels. “Each of our health, fitness and spa clubs is unique in terms of its design, layout and, to some degree, clientele. This creates a need for a personalised retail offer and integrated display solution.

“Blu Leisure works with us to ensure every club optimises its retail potential through eye-catching, functional display and  product selection. All stock is supplied on a sale or return basis, creating a no-cost-risk solution that not only works for our guests but also for our business.”

Blu Leisure has direct liaison with individual health, fitness and spa club managers, enabling the creation of highly personalised retail offers at every location.

“Some of our sales come from impulse buys prompted by guests who have perhaps forgotten to pack a swimsuit or pair of goggles” – Ben Orton

Ben Orton, Leisure Club Manager at Vital Health & Wellbeing, Alveston,  said: ”Our guests expect an elevated level of service that needs to be reflected in our retail provision. Through Blu Leisure, we offer products that are not available on the high street or elsewhere online, creating a sense of exclusivity, something our guests appreciate. Working with Blu Leisure, products are regularly evolved to reflect seasonal styles and colourways, ensuring our guests have access to all the latest design trends and fabric innovations.

“Just recently, Blu Leisure has introduced Eco Blu, a sustainable range of swimwear, manufactured from recycled plastic recovered from the ocean. As our guests become more  environmentally aware and eager to play their part in protecting the planet, innovations like this are becoming more and more popular.”

Blu Leisure supplies Macdonald Hotels with a wide range of goods from leisure and swimwear apparel for all the family to accessories including goggles, towels, children’s floatation aids and swim nappies, flip flops, holdalls and water bottles.

Ben adds: “Some of our sales come from impulse buys prompted by guests who have perhaps forgotten to pack a swimsuit or pair of goggles but many also come from guests making considered decisions about what they want to wear and be seen with.”