This month, Blu Leisure launches Eco Blu its new, sustainable swimwear range created from recycled ocean plastics.

“Every year, an estimated 33 billion pounds of plastic is entering our oceans. This is having a devastating effect on marine life, causing the unnecessary deaths of millions of seabirds and hundreds of thousands of marine animals every year,” explains Vicki Peck, Blu Leisure Managing Director.

“By repurposing plastic bottles and other plastic waste recovered from the ocean into high quality products, in this case swimwear, we are creating a value for a material that otherwise threatens to cause irreversible damage to the marine ecosystem. At Blu Leisure we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. The launch of Eco Blu is part of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact and achieving net zero by 2030.”

Eco Blu is available now to any leisure operator keen to improve the sustainability of their swim retail offer. Garments are available for men and women, in a range of sizes.

Vicki adds: “In addition to the sustainability credentials, each garment is produced to the highest possible standard and has chlorine resistant properties which guard against wear and tear and improve the product’s lifespan.

“Our strategy is to start the collection small, growing it slowly and responsibly to ensure we never over produce, thus safeguarding against the creation of excessive, avoidable waste, a huge problem in the global clothing industry.”

The lifespan of a fabric is not only determined by the way it is designed and manufactured but also by the way it is worn, washed and dried. Every Eco Blu item is accompanied by labelling that gives instructions on product care that supports longevity, again helping to reduce the amount of waste.

For more information about Eco Blu, visit: Or you can contact the Blu Leisure team on 01908 582525 for more details.