Made from recycled ocean plastic


At Blu, we’re passionate about conserving the marine environment with sustainable swimwear that’s doing things differently.

All of our pieces are created using recycled plastic found in the ocean.

Consciously keeping our swimwear collection small, simple and at a much more sustainable pace that’s kinder to the planet and the people that make them.

This way of working allows us to focus on the individuality and longevity of each design and ensures that we never overproduce; an industry-wide problem that’s having dire affects on the environment in terms of waste.

But this is only half of the story.
Clothing longevity cannot be determined by quality alone, but also by how it’s worn, washed and dried.

We can’t wait for you to join us on this journey.


More than 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die from plastic polution every year.

100% of baby sea turtles have plastics in their stomachs.

There is now 5.25 trillion macro and micro pieces of plastic in our ocean & 46,000 pieces in every square mile of ocean, weighing up to 269,000 tonnes.

There is an estimated 75 to 199 million tons of plastic waste currently in our oceans, with a further 33 billion pounds of plastic entering the marine environment every single year.

Every day around 8 million pieces of plastic makes their way into our oceans.